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This page is to help users find answers by consulting the frequently asked questions.
That's why you're here, right?

This is mandatory. The processing of your data recorded during the session be conducted on your profile page Site http://surf.syride.com

All our news is available on the Facebook site at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Syride/177285945636917/

Here is a video explaining how the site:

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We invite you to read the question What connection is there between my position on the map, rankings and time for more information on the home page indispensable to the understanding of the site.

By using the world map on the home page you will see statistics related to the area where you are surrounded in red. This area is identified here:

You can navigate the map using the elements circled in orange or directly clicking on the 'map' with your cursor.
If you want to refine your search by taking only the recent sessions, you can change these times by clicking the buttons on the left of the table surrounded in yellow.
The time of the sessions is date and time of local surfing spot.

Absolutely, it allows you to access the site and follow the surfers who own the product.

You have several options:
- Clear the session from the interface of your Sys-Evo: main menu / delete session

- Uncheck the box 'visible' in the intelligence of this session (see question I can not view my sessions in my public profile? ')

You can use the 'visible' even when the session is filled.

- Select 'secret spots' in the list of spots if you do not want to disclose the location of your session. (See question What happens to a secret spot ')

This icon identifies the session was conducted on a secret spot:

You can create it by clicking the 'create an additional spot'

Just give it a name and double click where you want on the map.

The area assigned will be the nearest spot. It may be that spot is assigned to an area adjacent to that desired. Currently this information is not modifiable.
CAUTION: Make sure that the spot does not exist. Duplicates will be deleted and lost statistics.

Yes, using the cross visibile below

Please note that this option is possible only for the information of the session, before validating. If the session is validated, to be treated as a graph, it is impossible to remove. Note that deleting a session is irreversible.

The wave height is shown by simplifying the vertical movement of your board when you take the wave just before you get up. This information is refined to suit your style and color and your weight.

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Sometimes the computer processing session does not get significant results for the wave height. In this case, it is automatically adjusted to the average height of your session. Our R & D continuously optimizes the computer to limit the maximum number of waves undetermined.

The computer treatment sessions is constantly changing. Each session you post can refine the results of your future sessions. Know that the more waves in one session, the results are more accurate.
To signal some inconsistency, thank you for clicking this button:

and tell us good feedback. An operator manually examines your session to see if there are no processing errors and contact you if necessary.

Yes, if you do not want to show a session, you can uncheck the box visible when recording this session.

In this case the session and statistics related to the session do not appear in your profile.
This action is reversible by clicking this button:

This is possible by selecting 'secret spot' in the list of available spots in the intelligence of your session.

We recommend that you read the question 'What happens a session secret spot' for more information.

The statistics associated with this session appear in your public profile as a 'secret spot' and in the rankings sector and area you selected.

Other riders will be able to see your performances but will not know which spot you were surfing.

This happens when our session processing computer detects an anomaly or inconsistency. We prefer to involve an operator who manually validates your session to guarantee the best results.
This step usually takes less than 24 hours, in rare cases, it is possible that the operator will request more information by contacting you by email.

We use software that operates a variety of data whose accuracy can not be controlled. This database contains nearly 10,000 ports in the world. In . In any case, surfing, or browsing should not be based solely on information in your Sys-Evo or on the website http://surf.syride.com

This information allows you to know the time of the tide that seems to be most conducive to the best waves on one spot. It is based on the position of all the sessions recorded on this spot since the site creation. The more information we gather on the spot, the more precise the indications will be.
To identify this point, read the diagram:

LT = low tide, HT = high tide. The red bar is the best tide time.

At the moment this function does not exist. It is being developed.

This allows you initially to quickly access their profile from your account. And you can be informed by email when one of your riders has published a new session on the site.

Calories are derived from this information: Gender / weight (if given) / water temperature and your activity (standing by / paddling / riding).

Downloading the PDF manual is on the right of that page: 'Instructions'.

These steps are available in the downloadable leaflet at the right of this page.
1. Thoroughly clean the part of the nose of your surfing with the wipe degreasing 3M provided. Be sure to follow the bonding area by choosing a relatively flat area (no sink).

2. The surface must be absolutely clean and completely degreased before bonding of the base.
3. Before removing the lid, heat the surface where the adhesive of the base is and the surface of your board with a hair dryer. Bonding of the base of SYS will be optimal.
4. While the surfaces are hot, stick the base on the surf by exerting a light pressure.
5. Let it sit at room temperature based on your board for 24 hours before insertion of the SYS or use in water. These steps are the same as for the bonding of a 'tail pad'.
6. After 24 hours you can insert the SYS in the water as shown on the video below and go surfing!

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1: Make sure you have installed the software communication Syride available for download on the right of this page to be connected to the Internet and have at least one session in your SYS.
2: Connect the SYS on your computer. An icon on the LCD SYS will confirm the correct connection of the latter.

3: Enter the e-mail and password for your account http://surf.syride.com .

4: Go send session.

5: When sending data is completed, go to your account from the site http://surf.syride.com/compte.php
6: The list of sessions sent is displayed, they are waiting for information before treatment.

7: Complete the required fields.
8: Wait a few seconds for your session to be processed by the computer and refresh your page to view the minutes of your session.
This information is also available in the manual available for download at the right of that page (instructions).

No, our product does not work yet with a surf. We are working on a compatible version with other practices.

No, our product does not work if you get towed. Inconsistent results with standard practice of surfing will be deleted by our team.

Yes. You can achieve a maximum of 10 sessions on the Sys-Evo. The real limit is the memory of the SYS. It takes about 8 hours recording for Sys-Evo.

Make sure the battery is fully charged by plugging into the USB port of your computer for at least 2 hours. If splashing water came inside, wait for it to dry in a day opening the USB cap and putting it in the sun or near a light source of heat. If nothing happens please send us as much information with the problem in the heading contact

The Sys-Evo can record 8 hours of sessions. The technical information are available from the products site

The time to complete a charge cycle is approximately 2 hours. The lithium-ion battery has no effect on memory. The technical information is available from the products site.

Standing by, your Sys-Evo can take several months without recharge. In record mode the Evo-Sys has a range of about 15h . This autonomy is dependent on the GPS reception. The technical information is available from the products site

To preserve the battery in your Sys-Evo in the event of accidental way, two safeties are in place:
- Recording session, your Sys-Evo will stop the session automatically if no movement is detected for 3 minutes.
- In the main menu, your Sys-Evo automatically return to standby mode if no button support has been detected for 20 minutes. .

Currently, the surfers are using landmarks on the coast for peak positioning to take off on the biggest waves. This imprecise method often makes them miss a 'set' of waves further offshore or a place right next to them.
When the owner of the Sys-Evo is at peak, it can with a single click accurately record its GPS location.
A guidance system very simple and intuitive for him to return exactly to its position after taking his wave or has drifted.
Our results show that for the same time in the water, the surfer using the Sys-Evo will take more waves than any other.
The GPS can also provide real-time estimates of the burst of speed carried on a wave.

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Download the latest version by clicking on the right of that page on 'software'.
Install it by following the instructions in the package insert for download at the same place.

The transfer software is compatible with:
Mircosoft Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista and Seven

Configuration: 800MHz processor, 64MB RAM and support for the USB
Speed ​​internet over 128 kbps.

These records less than 5 minutes are usually related to a handling error. We do not want profiles to be polluted by these 'false sessions'.

Click on the icon 'Download tide data into SYS-Evo' of your SYS-ui and choose the spot of your choice.

Payment is in USD unless the country of registration is part of the European Union. In this case, the payment will be made in euro.

Our shipments are made with UPS Express. Allow 2 to 3 days after your order ships. A tracking number will be sent by mail when your order ships.

Most countries in the world. Verify when ordering. If your country is not available for shipping, please feel free to Contact for more information.

Upon receipt, the package must be controlled in the presence of the deliveryman. If you notice a significant deterioration, please refuse the package and notify the travel voucher the reason for your refusal. If you decide nevertheless to accept the article, you will provide on the travel voucher a precise description of the damage noticed and keep a copy of the travel voucher. You will be asked for any compensation or exchange. Please report any defects in transport using the contact